About Us

Stoner Creek Farm is owned and operated by Mike and Leisha Holzknecht.  We have around 350 acres, with only about 100 in pasture, the rest is woods.  We have made a few trails that we really enjoy and love to share if you don't mind up and down and around hillsides.  :)

I started raising Tennessee Walkers in 2000, with the help of my husband, Mike.  My dream had always been to raise horses, but until I was introduced to the Tennessee Walking Horse in 2000, it hadn't become a reality.  Now I'm living my dream!!

We love to travel with our horses and visit our friends!  So far, we've been to WY, MI, CO, TN, NC and IN, with our horses, and of course, all kinds of places here in our beautiful KY.  Check out the
TRAIL SCENES page for photo's of some of the places we've been!  The photo top left is of Mike and I on one of our many trips to MI, at our friends house, in Hoxeyville.  Mike is riding Wa'te and I'm on my favorite mare, Eb's Midnight Baby.

We also have one horse that is retired, an American Saddlebred/Thoroughbred mare, Mina. Yep, what a mix, huh!  Thoroughbred and Saddlebred, but you know, she rode very nicely, if you didn't mind dancing thru the trails!!  :)  I used to like that sort of thing, but as I've gotten older, I much prefer a gaited horse.  Mina is the dam of Cheema and Wa'te, and they were super nice trail horses with smooth gaits.  Cheema has since been retired.  We lost Wa'te in Jan. '13.

If you're ever in the area give us a call!     We can take a drive thru our pastures, hang out in the barn, or grap a cup of coffee/tea whichever you prefer, and share horse stories!!  Happy Trails!

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